Friday, 31 January 2014


I have noticed that most modern cocktails are these days advocating for the use of fresh lime. But before I even think about that, why do we use citrus fruits a lot in cocktail making? Despite their health benefits , they also have a distinct taste.

Why lime juice?
When one of the ingredients is lime juice. Please buy fresh limes and juice them . Don’t buy the bottled and heavily processed lime juice in the supermarkets. These have a lot of chemicals and they don’t even have that fresh taste that real limes have.Limes taste like lemon but have a thinner skin and it easy to get them in your local fruit stand/ grocery.

Why fresh Lime Juice
I am thinking that the real reason why we make cocktails is to result to something better than we started with. You might buy a drink but you think it tastes plain/ b;land. One can experiment with different ingredients in the home. These are soda, sugar, fruit and vegetables. God blessed the earth with myriads of fruit and vegetable types. The truth is each has its own unique smell and taste. We are all created differently and therefore our preferences vary . for example since I was young, I have always loved sour fruit like lemon, limes, oranges and pineapples. To get a good flavor in a cocktail, mocktail or smoothie it is important that we balance all the tastes in the mouth. These are Salty, sour, sweet, unami and bitter. Limes have a high level of citric acid when fresh. This sour taste helps to balance sugars found in many bottled liquors.Real freshly juiced lime are more effective in providing this acidic kick than the horde of bottled lime juices. To get more out of a fresh lime, roll it on a table and press before juicing. This will ensure you have approximately 30ml of juice.There are many types of juicers in Nakumatt.

I am not big on bottled lime juices. They have a load of chemicals and added colour. Do you see how green they are? Even fresh juice is not this green. They then fail on the taste test. I cant get the sourness I so much seek. They are a quick fix when you have no time but if you want to make that ultimate cocktail, insist on fresh fruit.


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