Monday, 20 January 2014


In the spirit of learning cocktail-mixing and wine-tasting I've come across inummerable cocktails that will catch your attention. most people wouldnt take them because they are not your conventional drinks but hey, they are healthy.I have decided to share them with you.

1. Eggnog Coconut Milk
Sounds yucky but this is even better than milk. It adds a nice flavour to your drink. add eggnog to your coconut milk. Eggnog is a traditional drink made with beaten egg yolk mixed with cream or sugar. There is liberty to add rum, bourbon or Brandy.

2.The Spinach Green Smoothie
Smoothies are very healthy. I did a  Banana-strawberry smoothie sometime. Here's one with spinach.

3.All Mango Smoothie
Now that mangoes are on season in Kenya. Make yourself a plain mango smoothie. Rejuvenate yourself and add vitamin c to your body. add a few ice cubes to cool off because of the January weather.

4. The Mind-Enhance
This photo tells it all.

Well that's it. Try a healthy cocktail today.


  1. Have you tried a smoothie of beetroot, carrot and apples......that is a pack of health right there

    1. Yes I did sometime last year, but it had ginger in it. I could feel my energy levels rising. Ill do a post on that soon. Thanks for reading.