Wednesday, 29 January 2014


You know those people who claim to have never won anything? That's me. I was on Facebook looking for news relevant to my blog.I happened to like the Bacardi page and it had a 'selfie contest'. The conditions were to like their page , post a pic, get your friends to like it. I did all that and i was the third. Long story short, I have very great pals on Facebok for they voted me in. I went to collect my hamper. It had a bottle of Bacardi Mojito Classic.Stay tuned to my next post as I will do a product reveiw for this mix.
The winner Got an exclusive entry into the Bacardi bar.Isnt it breathtaking?

The lady who won (Rachael) the Facebook Selfies Challenge got to enter the bar.  Good for her

Here I am getting my bottle. The Bacardi team were amazing and today I won my first prize.Im actually sipping it as I write this.

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