Saturday, 11 January 2014


On the post I did yesterday, I talked about the different ingredients you need when making any drinks, cocktails both alcoholic and non alcoholic and fruit and vegetable smoothies. This post, on the other hand will focus on the equipment you will need. Anyone who decides to take the path of mixology either as a career or as a hobby needs these things. If you plan to be the perfect host/hostess in your home during parties or events, this post is for you. You will need:

1.Chopping Board
This is similar to your kitchen chopping board. you will need this to chop fruit and vegetables.

2. Knives
You need a sharp knife for cutting your garnishes .You should have different types for different roles. these are Kshs 799 at In Doors East Africa

3. Grater
From the endless videos I have been watching on you-tube, some cocktail-makers use graters to grate spices like nutmeg or chocolate flakes.There are times you will need to grate cheese too.

4.Cocktail Shaker
This is a small container that looks like a flask. It is used for mixing ingredients together. Some cocktails require to be mixed thoroughly with crushed ice and one uses such a container for the mixing. It is easy to use.

5.Measuring cups. 
These usually have the measurements on the side. This is for cocktails that require specific measurements of certain ingredients.If you find it hard to get this they are available on eBay o you can improvise too.

The following are other essential things that you need.
Cloths for wiping surfaces.
Can opener
Bottle opener
Wine opener
Strainers for removing seeds and pulp from fruit squeezes.
Mixing glasses
Juice extractor
Ice Tongs or scoops for handling ice.

This is the basic mixology kit. You can still add more to your  collection as well as upgrade what you have through time.



  1. haha sure som ewarm cocktail will start off the week ,,,thanks super gal

  2. Thanks dear. Keep it here for more.