Thursday, 13 March 2014


I always love to keep myself abreast with what's happening around the world. So in my usual trip around the  the net, I found out that Jack Daniels is rolling out a test version of Jack Daniels Cinnamon. It is also called the Tennessee 'FIRE'. There has been a craze for whiskey all over the world and even in Nairobi.
The proof version will launch on a limited edition in three states Oregon, Pennsylvania and Tennessee. The company however did not specify how long this test run will last. I guess it is up to the public to decide whether they like it.
 I loved the ginger in whiskey and vodka and cinnamon would be great too. Cinnamon on the other hand is a flavor obtained from the inner bark of trees  from a certain genus.
The Jack Daniels FIRE is made of a red hot cinnamon liqueur+ old No 7 Jack Daniels. As seen from the poster, it will be 35% ABV (Alcohol By Volume).

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


I recently took up an online wine tasting course and the things I'm learning are amazing.  There's so much to learn about wine and even the connoisseurs don’t know everything there is to know about wine. The classes are fun and Ill share some tips with you.
Wine-tasting is an art that involves the senses.
To check for wine colour one is supposed to look at the glass against a white background. This reminds me of chemistry and how we would investigate the colour of a solution using a white tile.Wine is organic and it changes over time. The more a wine ages the more the colour range and becomes mature.
All the wines should be clear. They should not have any cloudiness or haziness.When you notice haziness the wine may not be good or it might be exposed to air. However it is okay to find sediments at the bottom of white wine. White wine sometimes gets crystals at the bottom when it ages.
I was always curious why people swirl their wine glasses during wine-tasting. They do this to determine the viscosity of the wine. To determine the body, one should swirl the wine in a clean glass and then look art the drippings/ the treads left by the wine. A dry and light wine has thin legs that flow freely while a heavy wine should have thicker and solid legs.
In the next post I will share about how to use your nose when tasting wine.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I am not good with dates and so I forgot a special persons birthday. After cursing I decided to just get him a gift. Buying a gift for a guy is the hardest thing in the world and so I decided to go the easy way and buy a bottle of wine. I have this wine connoisseur at Nakumatt Thika Road wine store who knows about my blog and is always happy to help. So This is what I told him, " Hey, I need you to hook me up with one of your finest apology wines".
He asked me, "What did you do?"
I said, "I forgot a birthday".
He looked shocked like I just told him I killed someone and hid their body.
I love this place because they have a wide selection of great wine. There is the liquor compartment the size of a whole room with wines from all over the world.
After some tour in the little liquor store  he came back to me with three bottles. I wanted red wine because the recipient of the gift loves red wine. I settled on Versus. I have never drank it before. I chose the velvet honey Red wine. This retailed for around Kshs 950 if my memory serves me correctly. The gift was appreciated and he even asked me to share it.
>>>Fast forward to the part where we drank the wine.

The wine was great. It was mildly sweet with no tannic aftertaste.  It was great. Tastes great when chilled. tastes great with sprite. This is great for people who love mild tasting wines. Its alcohol percentage is 8% and it is made by Versus South African wines. I paired it with mashed potatoes and beef stew. It is definitely a delight. It was the perfect apology wine.