Monday, 3 February 2014


Yesterday, me and two of my girlfriends went horse-riding in Achis Ranch. This is an ranch in Karen with old stables. They had many horses . Part of the days activities included riding in Ngong forest on the horses.

We had brought with us a bottle of Red Namaqua wine. We had bought it at a retail price of Kshs 950 in Nakumatt Moi Avenue. This is one of my favorite spots to shop for wine. Why I love this place is that they have a wide array of different wines. The person in charge is very well versed with different brands. We told him to give us some sweet red wine that we can take on a day under the sun. He recommended this brand saying that it is ideal for girls who are catching up after a long time.We had lunch. It was ugali, beef and vegetables. This meal was cooked under a charcoal jiko and it was so tasty. We didn't have the ideal glasses for red wine but we worked with what we had.

We had to work with these glasses

Namaqua are wines from South Africa and they are produced in the Matzikama region.  The wine was sweet on the tongue. It had a fruity taste and there was no tannic aftertaste. The food pairings we chose went well with the wine. However I think it would go well with grilled beef or kuku choma. I am yet to try that pairing. It is a good wine with 8% alcohol content . You can take as much as you wont without the fear of getting intoxicated. It is something I would definitely stock in my home.

As you can see the photos are a bit blurred. Our camera died and we had to use our phones for the images.
This old ranch was the perfect place to open a bottlle

Too bad we only had one bottle

Grace, Sylvia & me leaving the stables.


  1. So what essentially do you look for in wines?

    1. Warui, I think I speak for most people when I say, taste is the greatest determining factor. I look for something that will appeal to my tongue, Something that will mix well with my food. It doesnt have to be essentially sweet but as long as it pairs well with my food and is exciting to the palette. Tha'ts good wine. Another factor is the aroma, It should smell good. It should not be repelling. It should have the right alcohol percentage depending on the day/ event/ mood and it should be good to my pocket.

  2. Personally I look for a balance of high alcohol content vis-a-vis taste and also aroma.......Kindly recommend at least 3 wines with the main priority being high alcohol content followed by taste then aroma with a god balance of price.

    1. well try the Nederburg 56hundred, Astoria lounge or Astoria Chardonnay. I shop at Nakumatt Moi avenue or online at . If you find one that you like kindly share so that we review it here. Thanks .

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