Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Most people ask me whats with my new found love for beverages and I tell them it is not a new found love. Its always something I've loved to do, I just didn't know that I would be interested at this point.Ever since I could remember, I could always tell the difference between different coffees and other drinks.I didn't know that this would develop into an entirely new venture where I would be told to make drinks for a small party. Of course in the Long run I want to mix a perfect wine cocktail for someone great or a major cocktail party.there is no doubt that a well mixed cocktail is sophisticated and it sparkles with mysterious appeal.It has the tendency of making a bad day better. Very few people indulge their senses in a well mixed drink.In fact few people know that making a cocktail requires balance between sweet, sour, salty, umami and bitter (that is a biology lesson for another day). I am not there when it comes to making the perfect drinks. In fact, I am barely there.Endless seduction lingers in a cocktail glass. This is accentuated by the setting that you are in. If you are having a good time you should be sipping something fine.

Alcoholic or Non alcoholic drinks?
I don't see any big deal with taking either. It all boils down to personal preference and tastes.I have tasted the best of both worlds. There is a mock-tail called the raspberry faux-jito that has no alcohol and its great.Alcohols have a wide variety to chose from (wines, gin, vodka etc.) Whether your drink is alcohol based or not, you should indulge your taste buds. Get a cold Martini or a Sangria.Get champagne or sparkling wine. Let the bubbles kiss you and thrive on the satisfaction that comes forthwith.
It is impossible to learn everything about beverages as there are thousands of drinks and people continue to brew their own liqueurs and concoctions. However its a great journey of discovery.I am yet to try some glow in the dark drink that I saw. (Sounds potent). A well balanced drink is always a delight. You probably don't know this because you are stuck on the conventional tea, coffee, soda , juice and water.Variety is the spice of life. Try different things. Challenge your taste buds.