Sunday, 15 December 2013


Long before I got serious with blogging about food and wine I had started a couple of other blogs. One was called WINETALKKENYA. It never got to see the light of day because I was not consistent with my posts and I didn't have the information I have right now.  Well this is a post from that blog. I was going through my old posts and I got that feeling you get when you go through an old diary.

"When did i know I had an interest in wine? Well it was a Sunday afternoon Sometime in April 2013. I had just completed my campus course and I was getting caught up between finding myself and getting to know what this city had for me. I had applied for jobs in virtually all places I could think of.
Well on this particular day, some friend had dropped by a bottle of some wine.I really wish I caught the name because by then I hadn't developed a penchant for premium tasting wine. I remember pouring myself a glass and sipping it. Some other friends showed up with liquor and we all forfeited the wine and put it back on the shelf.
I didnt get much time to super analyze the taste since by then wine was wine. I loved it had a sour sweet taste and it was rich .

My friend however claims she doesn't recall which brand this was.

Five months later Im here typing about it.Theres something utterly fascinating about wine in a bottle.The best thing is that I am getting accustomed to this everyday. I plan to have fun as I embark on this journey to discover the myriads of brands,vineyards,countries,tastes and so much more that wine entails.
I love challenges and right now I am pretty much devoid of any information pertaining this particular industry. I know I will look at this post some months later and smile." (...April 24th 2013).

 Looking at this post now I cant help but smile. What killed all that fire that I had? Well at least I got back to this and I feel the same way about this. Lets see where this will take me..

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