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Brandy from south Africa is great. You have probably drank it a lot,but never realized. Viceroy is South African Brandy. Ive never really been a huge fan of Brandy because of the misconception that clouds this particular drink.if the after effects are grueling you probably drank it wrong or over indulged.Most people I know steer clear of Brandy but those who take it claim that it’s a great drink if well taken. The Dutch made Brandy from distilling their wine. This is a method used to preserve wine. South African Brandy is one of the world’s finest. This title has been awarded to S.A for six years at the International Wines & Spirits completion. Impressive, huh?
 The process involves making the base wine then distilling it twice in copper postills. After this it is oaked (aged in oak barrels) for over 3 years. This is called maturation. The time can vary. There are three classes of brandy.
Postill-38% alcohol content.

Vintage-Matured with whiskey. Content is 38%

Blended-Content 43%

You might be tasting your brandy wrong. Taste it from a clean glass. Add a dash of water while tasting it. Don’t use chlorinated water. Don’t warm the brandy.Brandies should be taken with a fruity mixer like ginger , fruit juice or cola. You can also make a variety of cocktails that I will be uploading through 2014.Drink responsibly.

Heres a list of the Brandys from south Africa. some of them like Viceroy, Nedeburg and Martell are available in Kenya.

  • Backsberg
  •  Barrydale Cellar by Southern cape Vineyards
  • Chateau vo brandy by henry Taylor & Ries
  • Collision by Distell
  • Commando brandy by Distell
  •  De Compagnie
  • Flight of the fish eagle by Distell
  • Klipdrift by Distell
  • Ladismith by Southern Cape vineyards.
  • Limosin extra fine brandy by Henry Taylor and Ries.
  • Martell by Pernod Ricard
  • Nedeburg by Distell
  • Viceroy by distell.

 Remember to drink responsibly.



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