Monday, 23 December 2013


Have you ever wanted to host all your friends and fellow wine enthusiasts for a winetasting event in your home. Since I started food and wine blogging, I have thought about taking this brand from the pages of my site to a normal setting.Like start my own wine tasting /cocktail event eventually.Well I have thought about it a lot of times and in 2014 I should organise such an event. I want a low key event of swirling, sniffing and tasting wine and cheese.

If you think wine-tasting shindigs are boring and bland think again. you have the power to transform your low key events into something spectacular and unforgettable. My greatest worry is what to serve, how many wines to buy, what to entertain your guests with and how to make sure that the event is great.

You should limit your drinks to six, 3white wines, and 3 reds. for a group if eight, buy two bottles of each. this will make sure that you have plenty of wine to taste. This will help you calculate the number of wines to buy.

You should have a sink to rinse the glasses between every pour. Space is essential so that people can interact freely. This event cannot take place in a small house. I am planning to get a bigger house but meanwhile I will have to look for a venue. I plan to have 15-25 people for my first event. I don't want a number that will overwhelm me since it will be a first event.This will involve shopping for glasses, shopping for wine, cheese, honey,tea, food and choosing a theme.

When all that is set, then i can plan a date and send invites. While tasting the wines, it is important to move from the lighter whites to the heavier reds(shiraz, sauvignons, chardonnay, pinot noir). Take a few minutes between pours.You must look for an expert/ connoisseur/ sommelier to help in the understanding and tasting the wine. Invite both ladies and men so that people can chat through the event. There are two factors that determine how the event will be conducted. First if you opt for a formal event, the people sit down on a large table that is set. This has a systematic format of wine and cheese tasting. The group is encouraged to discuss and define the taste of the wine and some people even take notes in their wine journals. This helps to build the knowledge on wines.

There is a less formal option where the people stand up like in a cocktail party. There is music in the background and the guests chat as they stand in groups.The cheese and biting are arranged in large trays and platters. Guests are free to mingle.The emphasis here is mingling.

Iam opting for the second option because it is more practical for the people i plan to invite. The people I am inviting are In the age bracket of 23-30. They are more liberal and this will be a good starting point.

For more information on how to pair food and wine for a cocktail party, ii had done a post on this here. Photos courtesy of Nicci pain



  1. A< thinking of doing one, mild and non alcoholic intervention just for galfrends, thanks for the head start gal

  2. Hey Girl. That is a great idea. If you need help on what to serve, mock-tails and some small bitings and tapas(small amounts of food and fruit) Ill be here. Your'e welcome.