Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Lately me and a pal were talking about how we have healthy things at our disposal but we opt to eat junk and unhealthy foods.In most households in Kenya, the amount of carbs that people consume is very high when compared with proteins and or vitamins. We love our ugali, chapati and rice but how many times do you eat fruits or vegetables?
 I have lost a tremendous amount of weight as time goes by. One of the reasons is that the hustle is all too consuming. Another reason is  SALADS. I have realized that most times the safest thing to eat during a lunch break is a fruit/garden salad. There are many reasons why you should also fix yourself one regularly.
Green salads are all the rage in the top restaurants in Nairobi. With the health conscious people around salads are an accompaniment to every plate.
They are Nutritious
They re very sweet and nutrient packed. Whether it is a fruit of veggie salad, eating one every day is a great habit. thy are high in fibre and they prevent constipation and other stomach disorders they have powerful antioxidants and vitamin C, E, folic acid, and carotene. salads with carrots help with vision .eating fruits and vegetables prevents lifestyle related diseases like cancer.
They are easy to make
Salads are very fun to make. You just have to wash, peel , chop/slice and then eat. they are crunchy and colourful and they are a delight to the mouth because of the many textures of fresh fruit and veggies.
Great For Weight Loss
Salads help people to lose weight in a healthy and natural way. Instead of eating fast foods during lunch eat a fruit. you can pack it in a plastic container and slip it in your bag or buy one in the restaurant.

 I hope you enjoyed...
Have a healthy week


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