Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I have been away for quite a while but I am back on the radar.  I wanted to share with you some pictures for some lounges around the world. It has always been my dream to own a premium Lounge/ bar and call it Jeans Champagne Bar or something . It is a big dream for me and someday it is going to be a reality. Well lounges have different themes and here is one of my favorites. I will be having posts like this where I review trends in the world. Feast your eyes.
This is a surf inspired bar in Newquay Cornwall. l love how the interior designers of this place made it for the modern surfer. It also has a great ambiance and it looks relaxing.With a wide array of drinks you'd stay here forever.

 This is a place designed for the modern surfer. You have to love these throw pillows.

And the lighting is perfect.

 The ladies room are so clean you can eat off them. I love the pop of color. the same goes for the gents. Now compare that with your local.

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  1. Woah! looks jus amazing, your right, i'm moving in to this place.