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Drostdy-Hof is a range of South African wines that stems from the true Cape tradition of creating proud wines since 1804. The cradle of this famous wine is the fertile and temperate Tulbagh Valley in the cape fields. This haven was discovered by the Dutch and these fields yielded the best wines. Each bottle is made according to standards and tradition that has been passed on over centuries. Think of a secret recipe. It is due to this that this wine has its distinctive taste.

Today I’m reviewing and appreciating the South African wine portfolio. We have three different ranges: the winemaker’s collection, standard range and the light range. In this range have managed to taste Merlot and Pinotage. I got them at a wines and spirits outlet in Kahawa Wendani, Nairobi area. Here’s my take on the Merlot. I am still burgeoning in this wine tasting journey and I have a journal where I document every detail however sketchy. Merlot was deep red almost maroon and it reminded me of blueberries and strawberries. It left a certain aftertaste in my mouth. Some woody taste. Pinotage was the same only purple in colour. It had a more defined taste of berries, very distinct. I was doing this wine tasting alone so I didn’t get a second opinion or expert advice.

In the Winemakers collection:

 ADELPRACHT( Available in 750ml)

COLOUR-Brilliant light straw with yellow and golden tinges.

NOSE-Tropical fruit with nuances of overripe berries.

TASTE-Full bodied with intense fruit flavours and a lingering aftertaste.

( Available in 750ml)

COLOUR-Pale green with golden hues.

NOSE-Aromas of citrus and tropical fruit, supported by a spicy finish.

TASTE-Smooth in texture with well integrated melding of fruit and wood.

MERLOT( Available in 750ml)

COLOUR-Dark red with lighter edges.

NOSE-Strawberries and mulberries with a hint of vanilla.

TASTE-Rich and juicy with lots of berries and slightly tannic aftertaste.

PINOTAGE ( Available in 750ml)

COLOUR-Deep purple.

NOSE-Delicate berry fruit with palms and vanilla

TASTE-Medium bodied with a distinctively berry aftertaste.

SAUVIGNON BLANC( Available in 750ml)

COLOUR-Light green.

NOSE-Tropical fruit with green pepper and a hint of grassiness..

TASTE-crisp with lingering aftertaste.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON( Available in 750ml)

COLOUR-Ruby red.

NOSE-aromas with berries and prunes.

TASTE- medium bodied with a ripe, warm frutiness and soft tannins.

Enjoy your food and wine.

Yours truly Jean

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