Wednesday, 27 November 2013


The Talisman hotel is located in the heart of Karen, Nairobi. It is in close proximity to Wilson airport, Karen Blixen Museum and the Nairobi National Park. The talisman welcomes the guest to a cosy interior with excellent personal service and a wide array of great dishes. You can relax on the patio while listening to great background music as you treat your taste buds to food from as far as Italy, Thailand and Japan.
There are favorite wines and champagnes by the glass. There are carved wooden pillars from Pakistan and artifacts from all over Africa involving you on a cultural journey all over the world.
Kitchen times
Breakfast  8am-11am
Lunch  12pm-3pm
Afternoon Menu  3pm to 6pm
Dinner 6pm-10pm and9pm on Sundays.
Closed on Mondays
Here are pictures to give you a feel of this haven.

Fresh from the oven: cornbread for dressing.
Deep-fried turkey with all the trimmings; home-made cranberry sauce, turkey dressing, real sweet potatoes, cauli cheese, kale and bacon bits, proper cream gravy and pecan pie for dessert!

 An elegant setting…complete with Talisman's samosas!

Kedgeree--smoked haddock over basmati rice with boiled eggs and onions.
 Beetroot tagliatelle salad with feta cheese and pickles.

  Dynamite Rolls! 

 char-grilled peri-peri king prawns with jasmine rice & tomato salsa.

Beetroot, carrot and ginger with a slice of fresh apple

 Wines chilling and ready to be poured.

 Wines of the World at their wine tasting class at Talisman
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