Thursday, 5 June 2014

BOTTLE OF CALIFORNIA ROSE SELLS FOR $42,000 (3,736,833.00 ksh)

I am still trying to come into terms with the news of the rose wine which was auctioned for a price of $42,780 to an anonymous buyer. There are people who really appreciate the value of great wine. That is roughly 3,736,833.00 kshs. 3.7 million for a bottle of wine.

This anonymous buyer placed a bid on Winebid (an online auction site for wine) because he knew the value of what he was purchasing. People have a certain value that they peg to Rose wine and this just goes to show that. This has to be one of the most expensive rose wines ever sold. The wine was a 1995 rose called the Queen of Hearts rosé. There were only 300 bottles made in the world. In fact the wine maker made the wine for friends and family in Carlifornia. The anonymous buyer is rumoured to be a wine collector who stocks rare brands.

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